Planeto Series Tile Launch Event 2023

Spenza Ceramics unveiled its much-anticipated Planeto Series at an exquisite event that brought together retailers and dealers for an immersive experience. The design concept behind the collection aimed to infuse the captivating beauty of space into everyday living spaces, delivering an innovative approach to polished vitrified tiles. Guests were enraptured by the abundant allure of the planets and the celestial theme, leaving them spellbound. The evening was filled with vibrant activities & valuable guidance on how to incorporate the Planeto Series into bathroom space, adding a touch of celestial allure to their areas.

Activities Performed

Engaging Games

Valuable Guidance

Lively Dances

Delightful Dinner

The Modish Gallery of Planeto Launch

This gallery showcases the captivating snapshots capturing the essence of the event, with guests admiring the innovative tile collection. The pictures highlighted the immersive experience, emphasizing the fusion of planetary beauty with contemporary home design, setting a new standard for elegance and style.

Other Events

In addition to the much-celebrated Planeto Series, Spenza Ceramics also unveiled the exquisite Rex Series during the event. Crafted meticulously to enhance both bathroom and kitchen spaces, the Rex Series exemplifies a seamless blend of functionality and sophistication, elevating the overall appeal of home decor.