High Polymer Modified Cement Based Tiles Joint Filler.

Special Features

  • High Perfomance Grout
  • Excellent Water – Resistance
  • Designed for Grouting Wall & Floor Tiles,Granites , Marbles, & Stones etc.
  • Natural Antibacterial
  • Extra Fine Finish
  • High Resistance to Sunlight
  • Easy To clean

SPENZA Grout one component water proof grout is ideal for fitting & finishing of all types of tiles, marble and stone’s joints in interior or exterior for both floors & walls, grouting of joint treatment with resistant water type joint.

Application Procedure


Tile Must Be Firmly, Wait At Least 24 Hours Before Starting To Grout The Joints.


Take Spenza Grout 1Kg + 100Ml Spenza Admix & Add Water To Produce A Thick Paste.


  • The Joint Shoule be dry .Do not apply on wet joint.
  • Apply Grout Firmly to Ensure That The Tile Spaces Are Completely Filled.
  • Remove Surplus Grout.
  • Allow Grout To Firm Up Then Smooth The Joints By Wiping with Slightly Damp Cloth Or Sponge.

Available in Dark & Light Colours